Camel Picture.JPG

Eyen Design is a branding agency in Amman, Jordan. They are currently renovating and rebranding the Jordan Museum, in hopes to create a more interactive and educational space for visitors. Eyen Design offered me the opportunity to create an immersive experience to be showcased at the museum, in place of the current exhibition space for the Rhodian Amorphae (as seen on the left).

The experience I created transports museum visitors to a breezy desert landscape, by simply putting on a virtual reality headset. Visitors will find themselves placed onto the hump of a camel and by looking from side to side, they will be able to see the Rhodian Amorphae hanging from either side of the camel.

The desert landscape was inspired by the wave like sand dunes and calming sunsets one witnesses in Wadi Rum. The rocky mountain walkway was inspired by the narrow road that leads to Petra.