MORUS, The Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space is made up of a team that will stop at nothing to stand for what is right on a global level, in a small and busy city like Manhattan. They are dedicated to preserving the history of local grassroots activism, the creation of SQUATS. It is all volunteer and intern run. 

       They were one of the strongest when facing the outcomes of Hurricane Sandy, by finding a way to build back from what the hurricane had destroyed and help the public simultaneously. Such as setting up a public buffet from all the food they had recovered and had yet to be cooked and eaten, while also creating a manual pedal charging station so that people could charge their phones off the grid. 


      The eco-warriors that volunteer to help what the group stands for renovated the museum all on their own. In the past they have revolutionized the above ground transportation system by making pedestrians and cyclists part of the common traffic. And now, they continue to take on the challenge of preserving the cities beautiful community gardens.  

They don't stop there though. They are finding ways to make these spaces sustainable and productive, for the environment and for the community. They have created basic systems that make a difference. Such as water filtration systems as well as a way to compost efficiently. 

      Businesses and companies seem to have there names everywhere, because they see the needs of the people, and invest in these needs in order to expand their names. CitiBike is a perfect example of this. But it is becoming rare where people fund there own needs, in order to help the community. The people of MoRUS and those who volunteer along side them, are finding ways through their community gardens to create a self funding, or self sustaining area for people to live. They are creating a different sense of space, by encouraging people to enter into a different atmosphere. An atmosphere that we all seem to take for granted and never appreciate since we do not know how liberating it feels to live alongside nature. 

      When we entered the garden that an old lady kicked us out of, I thought this was a perfect example of what MoRUS is all about. They express what they stand for, and feed off of peoples reactions, whether positive or negative, because the exposure they receive in the end puts their intentions out in the public. This publicity is what they need in order to show people that they stand for all things good in the environment. And they will keep on pushing and raising their voices until they feel as though their goal has been achieved. That is not where they stop though, even outside their community, they spread a sense of encouragement. Encouragement to take a stand when it seems right to do so in order to ensure a safer, healthier future for the environment and our future generations.