Fortune telling seemed somewhat fascinating to me when I was younger. From the paper games to the card reading, the breaking open fortune cookies, to the weird vibe I would get from looking at Zandar behind glass in an arcade. There was some innocence when thinking about all these games that would spark some sort of excitement or disappointment when finding out more about our future, because we new what was predicted what somewhat false. Unless we could find some truth and tie it into the events of our current lives or the hopes for our future. 

    As growing people, we like to identify and find our more about ourselves and our futures. We are concerned about our obstacles as much as we are concerned about our achievements. These are all events that we will eventually encounter in our future. But there are other things that we can express about ourselves that do not happen in events but just as being human. Our energy, or “vibes” are just as important as any other part of ourselves. This is what I would like to draw attention to in my project. An aura is not seen, but felt by other people and can affect your life just as much as any obstacle, achievement or encounter. 

    There are many ways today to measure many factors about someone. Their weight is measured using a scale that presents numbers, a thermometer measures ones internal temperature that is presented by numbers. All these digits can represent something about our present state. Just as a a mood ring can, inaccurately, predict your mood through expressing color, I would like to project ones energy onto them through a series of kaleidoscope patterns. I would be measuring a series of elements about someone as well as their aura using certain technologies that I would then combine with a kaleidoscope pattern generator in order to project ones measurements onto them. To turn their data about themselves into an art piece that is then protected onto themselves. 

    I have chosen a kaleidoscope because as a child, it was one way of generating patterns that I could only see once and would never generate the same pattern again. Just as people, we are all unique and different, through our looks and personalities and character and what we have to offer. It would be unfair if ones data made him or her similar to anyone else. One could weigh the same as someone else, but they are still two completely and entirely different people. This is what I hope to present through collecting some basic data about someone and generating this data into a unique art piece that one can be amazed by. Not just some digits that do not express who one is as a person.