MAJOR Problem: Polluted Food industry (literally and ethically) 


Sub-PROBLEM Soil is polluted SOLUTION COMPOST.    

GMO's aid in mass production in the food industry. On one end of the spectrum, it allows for us to purchase crops in larger sizes in a faster manner. On the other end of the spectrum, GMO's have polluted the Earth and our guts. 



There are many gardeners, how about farmers? Families and communities can join together in investing in a farm that grows crops that go in tune with their seasons and location. Cows? Duck? Chickens? People want meat, and just like fruits and vegetables, they have been transported around the world at a fast pace. Where are the animal rights? Well, not everyone is going to go vegan in order to support the repair of the food industry. But once upon a time, there were local farms that used to produce (here goes the list we all hear) hormone-free, grass-fed, free range healthy animals. Why can't we do that again? 

To add to this, maybe we need to keep on growing crops and killing animals at a fast pace because most of the food is not consumed, but thrown out. Props to McDonalds for making use of the whole chicken for making McNuggets, (even though it is filled with so many fillers). But that is not what I'm talking about. Many of us use the extra bits of animal bones for broth and many others use vegetables in their own way (pickles, compost..etc). But what about the restaurants that have food to spare? After asking several restaurants what they do at the end of the day (*cough* cough* Hu Kitchen get back to human), they told me they threw all the food in the garbage, and I have seen this happen myself. Wow, how inhumane. What about sending this food out to people who cannot afford food? How about reusing this food in other dishes instead? Why must quality food be thrown into the garbage? 

It all comes down to our ethics and what we are willing to do for ourselves and the planet. Too bad we don't really care about the consequences unless they effect us first hand. 

MAJOR Problem - Dirty Power Sources are STILL a problem.

Power. Power. Power. Power. Power. We use it all the time. I'm talking about the energy kind of power. The energy we're all greedy for. We use it to charge our phones in our sleep. We use it to heat up our water, we use it to charge our environmentally friendly cars. But how friendly is the whole process of attaining this power and energy?

It's a very dirty process, and we're all in denial when we say that nuclear energy is still an efficient way of attaining energy. From the process of mining for uranium, to the disposal of radioactive waste. Mining is a very dangerous process and can affect the lives of those who do the job, and guess who has to pay the price when radioactive waste is thrown into the seas and oceans? You may say the water, and some others may say aquatic animals; but *news flash* we are all part of a greater food chain and now we are the ones paying the price. How in the world is this nuclear energy a clean process. The large energy corporations may say they dispose of their waste "safely". But why do we even believe them? How are we so sure they don't pay the media and industry not to let out their dirty little secrets. 

SOLUTION - say no to nuclear. Is it simple? yes. Will we ever find an alternative? Hell yes. 

In order to make a change, we need to change what were doing, drastically and soon before we create a bigger problem than the one we already have to face. Renewable energy has been able to produce large quantities of energy, and for this reason, people are slowly learning that alternative energy is a brilliant idea. Will we have to make an investment? Yes we will. Is it expensive? Yes it is. But we have put double or triple the amount of money into the nuclear industry, and we may have to pay a big price for it (Three Mile Island, Fukushima, Chernobyl). 


-The media. 

-People are born into society, and are automatically given labels.