What Technology Wants - My Thoughts.

    The “technium” as Kevin Kelly has phrased it, is growing as we evolve, and we evolve as the technium grows and advances. Our universe through its own nature is efficient, diverse, contains beauty in different forms, has the ability to evolve, has structure, is complex and contains many of the traits and elements that technology is continuously striving to achieve without failure. This “second nature” that humans have created through technology is now embedded within our lives. We cannot live without technology, and technology cannot live without us. Us being the innovators, designers, creators and inventors of the past, the present and the future. 

    However, as technology grows stronger, we begin to realize the real impact it has on our generations and environment. We are no longer oblivious to the negative impacts that the growing technium brings to the table. We are smart enough, and capable enough to calculate and think with a long-term mind set. 

    Unfortunately and this goes without saying, people want money. Large corporations and industries now take over the smallest companies in order to expand, and gain more income and using technology to do so. With this expansion, comes a lot of baggage. Increase in factories, increase in the space of environment we destroy, increase in our carbon footprint and more. People are selfish, but this is because the design of their system, the design of the industries strategies are modeled around a short term goal. Which is to make money. 

    We have made mistakes with technologies, but this is what allows the technium to advance. With this advancement, we have realized that certain technologies have led us down hill and it is now time to take a drastic and different path. For example, GMO’s. We have used technology to aid in the production of GMO’s. We use GMO’s as a way to mass produce our agriculture. Farms using GMO’s have killed birds and species, and are seen to be unhealthy to our environment and to those whom ingest these foods. The way to fix this problem is to expand the number of local farms but with these farms could also come another area to invest in technology. 

    In order for us to prevent negative impacts, we must construct technologies and implement them in designs using long term ETHICAL thinking. I think this reading sheds light on the fact that, with the technetium growing, we must deal with it in a more fragile manner through how we innovate technology and how we implement it into the technium. Because the technium is no longer a world of its own, its a world embedded within ours. The technium is a world that we can control But we are reaching a point in time where we must prevent it from controlling us, and our primary world.